Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First time eyelash extensions!

I first got interested in the idea of eyelash extensions back in January, and had been hemming and hawwing over it ever since.
I had been researching different beauty salons in my city that offer this service, mostly just doing searches through Yelp and searching by the ones best rated. They seemed to be pretty premium costs, so I wasn't sure.
Then a friend of mine (who has some gorgeous lashes) told me about her go-to eyelash place.
Pretty much just some random Vietnamese nail salon which also happens to do eyelashes. And for $20 cheaper than the place I was considering.
Since it felt like my first day off since school has started, I decided on a whim to pamper myself and try it out, so I booked an appointment :)

I wasn't sure I was at the right location at first, since they had 2 different seemingly store signs and also what appeared to be 2 entrances, but one door looked blocked off, so I walked into the door which was perched open.
The owner (a man) greeted me and I said I had an appointment. He asked my name but didn't seem to know what I was there for, so I had to tell him. He told me to sit down, and then quickly after I was whisked into a room in the back by this Vietnamese lady. She motioned for me to lay down, and I suddenly got a bit nervous.
I told her it was my first time getting lashes and asked how I am to care for the lashes, and she had no idea what I was saying...LOL. It seemed like we were exchanging a lot of "?????" on our faces during our entire interaction.
She had asked "what size? medium?" and me, being clueless, just had a ????? face. She showed me what the medium lashes looked like. I said I didn't want it to be too long or fake looking, and again she had a ????? on her face. She just kept saying "medium good for you". So what the hell, I said okay, and laid down.

I know Asian places are known for the silence (which is great, since I don't care for small talk either), but it was sooooo quiet. This was only my 2nd time being at an Asian salon (I'm Asian too), so don't think I've gotten used to that.
After 30 minutes of eeeeery silence I had decided that maybe I walked into the wrong entrance?? What if these people sniped me from the salon next door?? (They didn't. I went to research this after I was done and deduced that I was at the right place).
I was devising a lot of plausible different situations in my head and started to feel a little restless, hah.
After 45 minutes, I think the girl was texting on her phone?
And after an hour I think she was done. She had a fan turned to my face for 5 min or so.
Then she told me to open my eyes but they were stinging and watering, and I asked if that's normal. I guess it wasn't since she turned the fan back on and motioned for me to lay down again.
After another few minutes, I guess the glue had dried, so the stinging had mostly gone away, and then she gave me the mirror so I could have a look. In my blindness (my glasses were off), they looked sooooo long, so I think I looked a bit surprised.
I put my glasses back on and it hurt, since the lashes were hitting the lenses (I spent the rest of the day with my glasses slid down my nose, and just a tad blind. So classy).
Then she started to make some small talk, so we exchanged some more ????? expressions and I thanked her, paid, and left in a daze, so that was a total of about 1 hour and 15 min.
Once I got back in my car, my eyes felt like they were stinging some more. My car was boiling and I felt like I was sweating, so I didn't think that was very good, especially if the glue wasn't yet dry. I turned on the air con full blast and closed my eyes a bit and the stinging sensation went away. But then I noticed 3 of my lashes (1 on left eye, 2 on right eye) were sort of droopy. Uh ohs :(

 I was a bit worried (still am, a little) that they are way too long in length and look too false, but my friend says I'll get used to it. Overall I'm pretty happy!
The cost for me to get them were $55 + taxes.
For refills, I'd have to come back in 2 weeks, and I think the lady said it would cost $30-35.

Anyhow, these are my lashes.You can see one of the lashes on my left eye (first pic) being all drooopy droooperson.
(BTW I never realized how hard it is to take pictures of the eyes and at the same angle, hence why the angles look a bit off in my before/after shots.  I wasn't originally smiling in my 'after photos' but then realized most of my 'before' photos were with me smiling, so then my eyes looked all small, so then I had to go retake 'after photos' ...sigh, things I do for this post).

I have a feeling I am going to be obsessed with eyelash extensions now. Anyone else in that boat? hehe

Friday, June 1, 2012

Unboxing: May's Luxebox by Loose Button

I was surprised to see this rather large box in my mail a few days ago as there was no notification of shipment, but was glad I got it before May ended.
The last time I saw this type of box was in January, where it included a bonus Bath & Body box...upon opening it, I saw that there was yet another Bonus Bath & Body box, in celebration of Mother's Day.
Which is sorta late since its been over 3 weeks past...but anyway.


1. Essie nail polish (in Navigate Her) - full size = $8
2. Orlane active hydration body care - 7ml sample (full size 250ml/$105) = $2.94
3. Paco Rabanne - Black XS L'Exces for her  - 1.2 ml sample (full size 50/$74) = $1.78
4. Paco Rabanne Black XS for him - 1.2ml sample (full size 50ml/$56) = $1.34
5. Goldwell dual senses color shampoo and conditioner - 10mlx 2 of each shampoo/conditioner samples (shampoo 750ml/$28 and conditioner 750ml/$32) = 0.75 + 0.85
* bonus card for $20 off any signature line at Panty by Post

Bonus Bath & Body box:
1. Gilette Venus & Olay 5 blade razor (handle + 1 cartridge) - $14.99 (as per but that one comes with a shower hook)
2. Olay regenerist wrinkle revolution complex = $4.20

Total estimated value


I laughed when I opened the Bath & Body box. I'm not sure if I've started to just become more green, but I thought a separate box just to put the razor and cream was a bit overdone/killing trees; at the very least they didn't put any extra packaging or cards in the box like back in January.

I always love to see nailpolish...especially Essie! This is the 2nd month in a row I got Essie polish from Luxebox, which I appreciate! (Reminds me that I never got around to posting my April's Luxebox unboxing...oopsies...)
Unfortunately the color (Navigate Her - a light green minty color? Hard to explain, but the picture is semi accurate. A bit lighter in the picture) isn't a color I'd purchase for myself, but I'm hoping it'll grow on me.

Otherwise though, this was sort of a meh box for me (even with the bonuses), mostly because I don't think I  received the "4-5 deluxe sized" sample luxe products promised.

It also seems like some of these items I've received before from previous Luxeboxes, such as in January when I got the same Olay sample (although this box, it is considered a bonus).
Also, I had to look twice at the Paco Rabanne Black XS L'Exces for her as I received a Black XS sample back in January as well, but apparently the L'Exces is a newly launched perfume of the Black Excess line? and also costs more money.

Right now, I think Glossybox has won me over in terms of make up boxes (expect my May review to come soon!).

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Unboxing: April's Glossybox (Canada)

Woopsies, I've been a bad bad neglectful blog writer/owner/person .
I have excuses though!
One being, no one really reads this no one to disappoint!
And two...I went on a beautiful 7 night Caribbean cruise, and as soon as I got back, had to throw myself back into full-time school mode...ugh.

But the morning/night I got back (a week into May, since both "April" boxes weren't received until beginning May) I had both my Glossybox and Luxebox boxes waiting for me on the table (unsubscribed to Glymm starting this month), and despite my exhaustion, I was pretty eager to open them. My Luxebox review will come later this week.

I never fail to be disappointed with Glossybox's packaging. It comes in a light pink, sturdy, cardboard box with a simple logo on the front (and more logos on the interior side), but it's not loud and can be easily used for other projects/used to place a gift in, while still being tasteful. The pink ribbon, tissue paper, and confetti used is a thick weight, so could also be re-used. Same with the simple black envelope (also thick weight) used to place the note/product information. However, I think the envelope is a bit unnecessary, so if Glossybox chooses to be more green, they could get rid of it. At the least though, the envelope isn't sealed and has no logos on it, so again, can be re-used.

Anyhow, enough gushing...let's get to the box!


1. Aveeno positively radiant daily moisturizer - full size given (120ml) = $22.99
2. Elizabeth Grant skin care shower gel - full size given (240ml) = $20.00
3. Wella brilliance conditioner - sample 30 ml (full size 250ml/$13.99) = $1.68
4. Wella brilliance treatment - sample 25ml (full size 150ml/$13.99) = $2.33
5. Marcelle Xtension plus mascara- full size given (9ml) = $12.50
*extra Marcelle BB cream beauty balm - 1ml sample (full size 45ml/$22.95) = $0.51

Total approximate value

Holy cow!
I immediately loved this box.
Partly because of the 3 full sized items, but mostly because I was so excited to try them out!
My initial thought was...where was this Aveeno moisturizing SPF lotion when I needed it on my trip?? I desperately needed one, especially with SPF, but at least I have one now.
I am already familiar with Aveeno brand and own a few of their lotions (also received a body lotion sample from Glossybox last box!). I started using the moisturizer the day after, and so far, I really like it. It has a neutral scent and keeps my dry skin moisturized from morning to night. I haven't broken out, so that's a good sign!

I only used the Elizabeth Grant shower gel twice; the scent I received is Exotic Apricot. The scent isn't my ideal, but it isn't chemical smelling at least. It also foams up decently with a loofa. I will probably continue to use it, but doubt I'd want to purchase it when I run out.

The mascara is not my favorite. It doesn't have any noticeable length or curl as the product advertises, and is slightly clumpy. A miss for me.

Still have yet to try the other items, but I have to mention again that Wella hair products smell delicious. I was first introduced to them in my February Glossybox.

Overall I think Glossybox has been consistently good and have yet to be disappointed with the quality of their boxes; from the packaging (pretty, sturdy pink box with minimal logo; plain black envelope; all items that can easily be used for other things) to the deluxe (and full sized!) products/brands themselves. Worth the $15/month subscription.

I am pretty excited for my May box, hopefully will receive within the next week!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Unboxing: March's Glossybox (Canada)

Today, I received the (very much) long awaited March Glossybox.
One of their initial promises upon launching in Canada (debuting in February) was to have the boxes delivered by the beginning of each month, but from day one, this had never occurred.
It was a little annoying (infuriating?) that they never met this promise, and furthermore upsetting when they kept dodging the actual shipping date for the month and never publicly told its members that there would be a shipping delay until a couple weeks into March. Finally they apologized for the delay and provided a reason (waiting for one of the products to clear customs) and they finally decided to alter their original shipping policy to basically say they will charge and send the monthly subscriptions at varied times of the month (which honestly, its competitors have somewhat done the same anyhow).

So suffice to say, subscribers were definitely looking for an amazing box this month to make this wait worth it! Was it?

1. Bailey Cosmetics Fresh Lip Gloss - full-size received = $28.00
2. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion - 71ml sample (354ml/$11.99) = $2.40
3. Evian Facial Spray - small retail size received (50ml) = $7.00
4. Pandora's Box Blush St.Tropez - full size received ? = $18.00
5. Sebastian Re-Shaper hairspray - small retail size received (43g) = $19.95
*bonus Algemarin Foam bath - 1 sachet (15ml) (full size is 750ml/$23.95) = 0.48

Total approximate value

I'm pretty happy with everything I've received and am looking forward to trying everything out (so far, I haven't tested any of them).
At the very least, Glossybox has been holding true to its 5 deluxe sample (and more) promise.
The only product I've tried from the box (previous to receiving) was the Aveeno lotion. It used to be my everyday body lotion before I switched, so it's still a good one, and definitely a decent size. I'll probably take it traveling.

Also, normally I wouldn't care for the hairspray, as I am pretty hopeless with doing my hair (it's frustrating, and I can barely spend more than 5 min on it without going crazy). But I recently bought a curling iron. And my hair is straight and it seems impossible for it to hold a curl, so I know I'll need a crapload of hairspray to keep any curls (if I manage it) in this will be handy.
Now, I just need to learn how to work a curling iron (it has a Marcel handle, not very smart for the uncoordinated like me).

Will I keep my subscription?
Yes. Despite having some issues (as with most new companies), I think it will eventually be ironed out and based on the last two boxes, I believe the company is staying true to its 5 deluxe item promise + putting out quality products/brands each month, which is what matters the most.
(Also, I've already canceled my Glymm box, so April will be my last month of receiving it). This makes me feel a tad better now about all my beauty subscriptions.

Do you think this month's Glossybox was worth the wait?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Unboxing: March's Luxebox by Loose Button

I got my Luxebook  last Friday, but have been a bit preoccupied to post.
Here's the goods!

Contents of the box
1. Cargo triple action mascara - 4.5ml sample (full size is $20/8.87ml? ) = $10.15
2. Glitter top coat eyeliner - full size sample received? It doesn't say so on the card, but according to, the full size item is 2.8 ml which is what I I'll assume so? = $18.00
3. Loose Button Myscent
- CK one Shock for Her 1.2 ml sample (full size 50ml/$45) = $1.08
- Vera Wang Lovestruck 1.2 ml sample (full size 50ml/$79) = $1.90
- Marc Jacobs OH LOLA! 1.2 ml sample (full size 50ml/$79) = $1.90
4. JR Watkins Hand & Body lotion - 29ml sample (325 ml/$10) = 0.89

Total approximate value

I was pretty satisfied with my box. I received the First in Line e-mail which notified me a day advance that members could reserve a product (unlike last time where there was no advanced notification). I was slightly worried I wouldn't get the item I wanted since I was in Vegas at the time, but had no issues reserving on my blackberry. It's possibly because I chose the Cargo eyeliner vs. eyeshadow (I have too many shadows, so didn't want another one). I read later that many people had some technical difficulties with reserving the shadow on the site.
The card that came with the box didn't specify what quantity the full-size glitter eyeliner is, but based on another website it looks like I received a full sized item. Score! I'm actually quite impressed with Cargo's line so far. I received the Cargo LashActivator in a previous box and it really made a difference on my eyelashes (nice and full, no clumping, but it was a bit heavy) so I'm glad to have a chance to try out some of their other products.

I actually liked all the perfume samples that I received...which is a first!!! So I'm happy. I think I like the CK Shock  for Her the most. Has a citrus/fruity scent.

Have yet to try the hand & body lotion but I've seen this brand around at Shoppers Drugmart. It contains 99% natural products, so it has a herbal scent, but I don't mind it too much. Will just add it to my growing lotion collection. I also received a coupon for $1.00 off any JR Watkins product at Shoppers.

Will I keep my subscription?
Yes. I'm about 99% sure I will be canceling my Glymm box though.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Unboxing: March's Glymm box

Woot, Glymm was on time this month :)
This month's theme was "Spring Fling".

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Hydrafull Gloss in Sorbet - 1.0 ml sample (full-size is 2.2 ml/$27.00) =$12.27
2. M.Asam Magic Fini cream - 5 ml sample (full-size is 30ml/$38.00) = $6.33
3. Nu-Me Feather Hair Extensions in Green - full sized item received (3/package) = $25.00
4. Ocean Nail Polish in Special Effects - full sized item received = $12.00
5. *bonus item* Lise Water Flash Lift - 1 ml sample

Total Approximate Value
$55.60 + bonus item

I was satisfied with 3/4 items in this box, and the items were deluxe (2 were even full sized) so I guess I'd say this was a good month for Glymm.
I'm not sure if it's because I'm becoming a bit tired of beauty boxes, or tired of beauty items, or if I'm just severely sleep deprived, or hungry, but I wasn't even excited to run to my mail box and claim my box. And I didn't feel much enjoyment when I opened it either. I don't know, I'm having issues. Anyhoo.

Never heard of the brand Ocean, but full sized nail polish is always much appreciated. The color I got, Special Effects, is an intense/dark Christmas red color...which is exaaaactly what I was looking Christmas time (and I never did find one either). It's not a color I'd wear off-holiday, and not what I'd consider a Spring Fling appropriate color. But you can bet I'll be wearing it in December, hah.

M.Asam Magic Fini cream is a BB cream, which promises "to conceal uneven skin tone for a light, matte, natural looking finish It smoothes away the appearance of wrinkles, enlarged pored and imperfections to reveal a sun kissed health looking skin tone. It's magical". This cream has a one-color-fits-all-skin-colors.
I did a quick research on it, and apparently it just magically fits your skin tone once it's applied (really?), Apparently, it's just that magical. In the pot it's a darkish tan color, and I'm fair skinned.
When I swatched it on my hand, it did blend in nicely, however it clumped up...probably because my skin was too dry. Haven't tried on my (also dry) face, but I have a feeling this is a rather drying cream that is much better for oily skin types.
I think I'll stick to my holy grail BB cream, though (Missha Vita BB Cream, in case you were wondering. Love this stuff).

Green feather hair extensions? That's a miss for me. Maybe if I was in Vegas. Which I was, but last week. Not sure what to do with these.

I'm happy for the Anastasia lip gloss...teeny tiny sample (surprising that full size is only about double this sample size, though). I have a lot of glosses that still need to be used, so I haven't tried this. I got a bright pink color which I'm feeling doubtful that I can pull off.

And the bonus...bonuses are always good. I got this same sample previously from Glymm (in December) which was also a bonus at that time. I still haven't tried it, nor am I crazy bout it, but the best price is free!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Unboxing: February's Glymm Box

So, despite my shipping concerns in my previous Glymm posting, my Glymm box arrived (self note: Canada Post tracking information is not always up to date. Stop checking it 5x/day).
It was shipped Feb 17th, and received today, Feb 27th. Pretty long wait (in addition, Glymm was a week late in sending out boxes).
Anyhow, I received not one...but two boxes!! Not a mistake though.
I was all euphoric last month with my Glymm box, and was getting caught up with my Glymm store purchases (had to redeem my discount & freebie vouchers!), that I decided to buy an extra box.
Not completely sure why...but...oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

 This awaited me as I took off the lid. Ack. Ribbon malfunction.
Box A: Why's that bronzing papier all bent up??

Box A

Box B: This box was packaged much nicer

Contents of Box A
1. Sula Natural Creme Shadow in He Loves Me - full size given 0.15oz = $8.00
2. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm (award winner) in Hibiscus- full size given 4.25g = $7.99
3. GlamGlow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask - 7ml sample (full size 50 ml/$78.00) = $10.92
4. Mai Couture 2-1 Oil blotting/bronzing papier- 2 sheet sample (full size 100 sheets/$24.00) = $0.48

Contents of Box B
1. Sula Paint & Peel in Naked - full size given 11ml  = $9.00
2. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm (award winner) in Rose- full size given 4.25g = $7.99
3. GlamGlow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask - 7ml sample (full size 50 ml/$78.00) = $10.92

4. Mai Couture 2-1 Oil blotting/bronzing papoer- 2 sheet sample (full size 100 sheets/$24.00) = $0.48

Total Value
Box A: $27.15
Box B: $28.15

Sorta satisfied.
Yes, got 2 full sized samples this month, which is excellent. But were the samples all luxury brands? I don't know much about Sula; but I never considered Burt's Bees as one.
Also, just because we got full sized samples, it doesn't cancel out the fact that we never received "4-5 deluxe sized samples". If anything, I'd say we got 3 deluxe samples (with 2 being full-sized).
I find it quite laughable that 2 measly sheets of bronzing papier would be called deluxe sized, especially priced out at 0.24/sheet.

As for the items themselves, I was stoked that in both boxes, I got a variation of 2 of the products.
I got the Sula creme shadow, which I was hoping for, in a beautiful pink tone. I've read that other people got regular shadow and it did not have much pigmentation. After trying to apply some of the creme shadow my skin, it came on very very sheer and all that's really visible is some sparkles, so I would not purchase this.

The Sula Paint & Peel nailpolish is an interesting concept; no nail polish remover required to remove, simply just peel away. It also does not contain the big bad 3 toxins. The unfortunate thing is that it came in "Naked" which is a tan color that would be wonderful as a foundation, but not so much as a nailpolish. Another miss for me.

I probably enjoyed the tinted lip balm the most out of all Burt's Bees products I've tried.
The tinted lip balm in "Hibiscus" has a light berry scent which is not overpowering; has a subtle color that looks nice on my lips; and my lips now feel soft and moisturized.

The GlamGlow mud mask contains volcanic rock, French sea clay, and green tea leaf pieces.
Sounds enticing, but the samples are very small; I've read people could only get 1-2 applications from it (which isn't really enough to decide whether to buy an item or not). Since I have 2, I should be able to judge it a bit better. Almost hard to believe this is "deluxe sized" but based on the retail size in comparison, it's believable. It came with a Glymm offer to buy full sized for $50 from the regular price of $78. Good deal, but still pricey. But could be worth it if the results are remarkable!

Will I continue my subsciption?
I was supposed to make a decision. If anything, I'd probably cancel Glymm over Luxe Box, but I decided it can't hurt to see what's in my Glymm box next'm not cancelling any of my boxes! Haha.
I'm so weak.